Shared Memories
2021-09-03 12:09:27 PM suja strickland shared a memory
My Love, My life, My soul
My love, My life, My soul! That is what we are to each other. My love, you took half of me with you and I don’t know how to live without that part. But as we promised at our vows renewal, I know you are waiting for me and watching over me and I am dreaming about the day I can hold you and never let go. I love you with all my heart and I fill my heart with all the beautiful, loving memories we made over the years. Until I see you again, have fun with Dad, Julia, appachen, especially your partner who’s birth and death date you share( your uppappen) and every one else there. I love you my sweetheart, come see me and make me feel that I am never alone. Yours and yours only soulmate.
2021-09-03 09:43:12 AM Joseph shared a memory
A storyteller and gentleman
Rich will always to me be a fantastic human being and gentleman above all. When he sat with you to talk, he had an ability to make sure you would be listening as all his stories either personal, humorous, or just something about life would captivate you from the moment he began. My favorite were always his jokes and humorous stories because his laughter was far more infectious post-punchline. I have been hearing that laugh in my mind so much since his passing and I miss hearing it. If I can take one thing from him is that saying, saying I love you more often is so important. We love you and we will miss you, Big Richie Rich! Our love to Suja Chechi and Jesse and family.
2021-09-02 11:06:06 AM Pam Strickland shared a memory
A wonderful Dad and Poppy
Shortly after Jesse and I started dating, I met Jesse’s parents, Rich and Sue. They were both so warm and welcoming, and I could tell right away how close Jesse was to them. When Jesse and I got married, I started calling Rich and Sue Mom and Dad, and they said I was their daughter and not their daughter-in-law. When Jesse and I had kids, Dad became Poppy to Caitlyn and Kelsey, and there’s nothing that Poppy wouldn’t do for his girls. He was up for anything they asked, whether it was forming a “rock band,” having a tea party, letting them put bows in his hair, baking cookies, or cuddling and watching a movie or show. The girls were the apple of Poppy’s eye, and he always said they were his best medicine. When Dad got his diagnosis, he said he was going to fight it with everything he had because he had so much to live for, and he wanted nothing more than to see his girls grow up and get married. Even as he got sicker, he still had a very positive outlook and his fighting spirit was so strong. In his final days, he still told me that he wasn’t going anywhere and that he had more bad things to teach the girls. Dad was a wealth of knowledge, and he always had sound advice, whether it was career related, parenting related, or general life related. We can all learn a lot from Dad – to always find the positive in any situation, to love wholeheartedly, and to always give it your all. There is a very large void in our family that will never be filled, but he will always be with us in our hearts. I know he is watching over all of us, and one day we will all be together again.
2021-09-02 09:19:03 AM James Flowers, "Jim" shared a memory
To My Twin Brother from a different Mother...
I can't even express how much I am going to miss you and the regret that this awful Covid virus kept us apart during your final days. It's so hard to deal with the thought of you being gone, but know you will "always" be in my heart and thoughts for the rest of my life.. From the day we met so many years back and till today and beyond you will always be my "best friend" and brother. Both Connie and I will miss our time we spent with you and your family and extended one as well for the so many times we spent together. Being alone up here, you and Suja always made our lives so much better and complete. God Speed my friend and I know we will go fishing together on the other side. God Bless and until we meet again!
2021-08-31 08:16:36 PM Jesse Strickland shared a memory
My Dad
My Dad taught me a lot of things in the 41 years I was blessed to have with him. He taught me to fish, to hunt and to enjoy the outdoors. He taught me about roofing houses, wood working and how to use different tools to be able to complete tasks on my own rather than hiring a tradesman or contractor. He taught me about computers and programming which then led me to my career in IT. He taught me to be a better manager, a better husband, and most importantly a better man. He taught me to be a father myself and was a wonderful Poppy to both of my girls, Caitlyn and Kelsey. My Dad introduced me to Suja, who became my mother and helped raise and take care of me. Even though they both worked long hours to provide for me, they made it a priority to make time to come to my choir concerts and to my track and cross-country meets. I was fortunate to share many special memories with my Dad, such as fishing trips to Canada, MLB games in DC and the 2005 World Series in St. Louis, our trip to India, a trip to a NASCAR race, and our family trip to Disney. There are also a lot of other smaller events that mean more to me than those other trips. There are many more things I wanted to do with my Dad that I will not be able to do now that he is gone. I know he is watching over me and the rest of our family and that one day I will be with him again.
2021-08-31 04:16:55 PM Sunil Samuel shared a memory
Rest in Peace Brother
Rich left us on Aug. 26, 2021, at 8:15pm. His family surrounded him with love as he left us peacefully. He is always an inspiration to me and will be in my heart forever. Love you Rich.